• Thermoplastic counter material on non-woven base
  • Firm results
  • Both sides coated with EVA hot melt
  • Grades available from 0.9mm - 1.80mm


  • New generation of toe puffs and counters, made straight out of the raw materials
  • Cutting and skiving is not required - no waste will be created
  • Thickness freely adjustable
  • Raw materials similar to Rx 3000
  • Excellent results for using and wearing

Rhenoflex 3000

  • Thermoplastic counter of highest quality
  • Various grades, versions and hardnesses available
  • Suited for all technologies and quality requirements
  • Wearing results are excellent, perfect "Toplines" even after intense wearing
  • Special receipe for outstanding bonding results, even the skived edge bonds on both sides
  • Easy preactivation, does not stick to the fingers or upper, simple to position
  • Can be used with hot/cold machines as well as with hot only systems
  • This material has become the art of shoemaking

Rhenoflex 5000

  • Latest development for counter materials
  • High share of regrowing raw materials
  • Nature fibres replace plastic fillers
  • Recyclable into the same product again
  • All waste can be reused
  • Production places in Europe and China, free of solvents and hazards
  • 100% compatible to Rx 3000
  • Highly reliable bonding to many different materials
  • Suitable for skiving or matrix splitting
  • Proved wearing results