• Top of the line, flexible toe puff material for heat activation.
  • One side or both sides coated or even without any coating for latex application.
  • Adhesive is polyester-based and resistant against greasy leathers and softeners of all kind.
  • Many grades available to meet all demands.


  • Firm, but still elastic toe puff of highest quality level. Outstanding resilience.
  • Thermoplastic material, excellent for boots and men's shoes.
  • Polyester-based adhesive for heat activation and perfect for greasy leathers etc.
  • Many grades available.


  • Extruded film, one side coated with EVA hot melt.
  • Well suited for firm toe puffs.
  • Available in 6 grades from 0.40mm to 1.00mm.


  • Wide range of soft, flexible films and filmic toe puffs.
  • One side coated with EVA hot melt.
  • Types V05Y RT up to V25Y RT are based on cotton backer. Ideal for Strobel constructions and California shoes. Popular for casuals.
  • Types V25A up to V45A are non-woven backed for soft toe puffs or reinforcements.


  • High-quality toe puff for finest lady's and men's shoes as well as elegant boots.
  • Very tearproof, based on strong rayon twill. One side coated with adhesive.
  • Traditional material, used successfully in high-class shoes for decades now.

Polyflex I

  • High-quality toe puff for casual shoes.
  • Based on cotton fabric, one side coated with thermoplastic adhesive.
  • Soft, elastic feeling.
  • Particular suited for Strobel and California shoes.


  • Firm toe puff, based on impregnated non-woven
  • One side coated - for double sides coated material see counter section.
  • Various grades available from 0.60mm up to 1.30mm

Rhenoflex V

  • Special range of thermoplastic toe puffs.
  • Require low activation temperatures of just 90-100°C.
  • V 4002 gives a firm toe, heat resistant bonding, well suited for Goodyear constructions, doubleside bonding. Supported by a tearproof Polyester fabric.
  • V 5501 for firm toes.
  • V 5801 for very soft toes.
  • V 5901 for flexible toe puffs.