Whatever holds the feet starts in the head. According to this motto Rhenoflex designs, manufactures and distributes innovative shoe components since 1952. It focuses on thermoplastic materials for toe, side and counterpart reinforcements as well as insoles for particular applications. Wearing comfort, stability and reliability are the basics for our quality aim and surely we keep the pace with the latest fashion trends. Our leading position in the industry is largely the merit of our engineers and scientists in the well-known Rhenoflex Research Laboratories. With recycling and the use of organic filler materials could efficiency combined with environmental impacts for the first time.

Finally it matters what the core of the shoe has in its frame.

For decades now Rhenoflex is active in other industries besides the classic shoe business as well. With our long-term experiences using components we could manage good success within textile coatings and some low melting adhesives. In the centre of all developments are again the Rhenoflex Research Laboratories, where today every company can get benefit out of their know-how and technical equipment.

Textiles like fabrics or non-woven can be used today as universal as flexible plastics. To adapt their properties the following treatments are possible:  

  • Coating or impregnation with liquid dispersions
  • Powder coating
  • Coatings with hot-melting adhesives
  • Extrusion and extrusion coatings
  • Laminations 

Rhenoflex GmbH in Ludwigshafen, Germany distributs the products by a global network of partners, agencies and dealers in all major shoe centres worldwide.

This gives you a reliable foothold - wherever you go to.


  • 1952 Founded as a subsidiary of Giulini Brothers, Lu
  • 1955 Licence with End. Dreyer /Rhenoflex France S.a.r.l.
  • 1984 Aquisition of Rhenoflex Dreyer
  • 1996 Certification for ISO 9001 compliance
  • 1997 Aquisition of Gurit Worbla, Siegburg, Germany
  • 2005 Opening Rx Production side at Jiang Yin Park, China
  • 2009 Certification for ISO 14001 compliance
  • 2011 Certification for BS OHSAS 18001 compliance
  • 2012 Expansion of China site
  • 2015 Start as independent Rhenoflex GmbH
  • 2016 Certification for ISO 50001 compliance
  • 2016 Expansion in Asia, founding of Rhenoflex Hong Kong Ltd.